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Cousin IT™   - Inventor - Inaudible Tones  ™   Spokesman   was created for Web Access By the creative genius of the   Tee &   Charles Addams   Foundation.  

Cousin IT™ - Inventor - Inaudible Tones Spokesman was created for Web Access By the creative genius of the Tee & Charles Addams Foundation.  

Inaudible Tones Used in Emergency Response Situations

The tones can be set to selectively transmit during an emergency situation at a specific location. The tones can be pre-programmed or customized with location specific data and can be pre-programmed to broadcast a variety of dynamic data points that that are also fully customizable based on the emergency situation including

  • layout of the location
  • layout of each floor or level of the building
  • which tones are registered to the location
  • which tones are registered to each resident
  • which specific tones are present in the location
  • which tones commonly associated to the location are absent
  • where the tones are present specific to the layout of the location
  • position of each resident in relation to the location
  • position and indication of the persons physical state i.e. vertical, lateral, prone or seated
  • position of individuals with disabilities and customized data related to the individual
  • data on each resident including name, cell phone number, communication apps and medical warning data


Inaudible Tones For Gun Safety

The tones can be set to selectively transmit from fire arms, ammunition, and permits/licenses

  • stop and frisk without the risk
  • kill switch technology
  • ammunition tracking
  • concealed and right to carry permit
  • hunting license transmission
  • emergency factory installed kill switch
  • arsenal tracking
  • venue tracking
  • neighborhood watch application

Hospital and Patient Monitoring

A patient at the time of admissions is assigned a medical id bracelet, a medical necklace, non-slip medical or surgical shoes or any item of hospital property. Each item of inventory is pre-equipped with an inaudible Alpha tone transmitter. The Alpha Tones emitted from each item when unified on the person can give a number of indications at the network sensor level. The unified tones can indicate a number of key data points including the location of the unified tones, the position of the unified tones, the patient identified to the tones and the position of the patient i.e. standing, seated or lying prone.   

Disaster Readiness

As part of the disaster readiness preparations each person in a disaster prone area is assigned a set of Alpha Tone tagged items. For disaster preparation scenarios the sensors are worn on multiple items that are difficult to remove, like a ring, a medical bracelet or necklace that cannot be removed over the head. In areas with a strong potential for flood, earthquake, tornado or similar weather or world based emergency scenarios, the inaudible tone sensors can be placed at each entry points of a location, with additional tone sensors placed in various locations outside of a building and on various locations throughout a town or community. During an incident where there are missing victims the sensors can be detected and decoded from remote inaudible tone readers during incidents where the tone sensors are out of range.

Inventory Tracking

Items of inventory are tagged with inaudible tones transmitters that uniquely identify each type of inventory and also distinguish one like item from another. Inaudible tone tagged items of inventory can be tracked at a networked sensor level for the purpose of inventory tracking and reordering. When inventory levels are identified as fully stocked the tones emitting from each like item is matched and indicated as fully stocked based on the unification of the like tones emitting from the each single product at fully stocked inventory levels. The removal of one item from the inventory causes a reduction in the tone emitted and sensed at the sensor level. This differentiator of tones allows for hands free inventory level queries and reorder logistics from a remote location.   With some slight modifications this utilization also works well as a secondary anti-theft and merchandise monitoring system. 

Livestock Inventory

In a farm livestock can be tagged with inaudible chips that identify the owner and farm the livestock is from. The farm pens and cages are also equipped with inaudible tone sensors that can sense a number of data points during entry or exit of each animal. Each animal tone can carry unlimited data points including information about the animal, its owner and the farms data.