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Limitless Silent Data on Demand

Inaudible tones are the world’s most advanced silent communication protocol. Inaudible tone transmitters and receivers are capable of sending and transmitting infinite assigned data points stored inside of an inaudible tone’s sound waves.

The inaudible beacons transmit customizable packets of data to any inaudible tone sensor or reader which enables access to countless data points including proximity data, personal security information, tone identification and tracking, second-screen functionality, security authentication, emergency notification services, item finders, and networked real time inaudible communication.  

The tones are device agnostic and are detectable from any device equipped with a microphone and an inaudible tone reader and tone decoder app installed.

The tones can be transmitted and detected in any networked environment including, Low-fi Device to Device, Device to Sensor, Sensor to Network. Configurations can also be customized based on customer need.  

Transmission, Detection and Decoding

Once an inaudible tone transmission is activated or detected at any sensor level, the data is transmitted decoded and delivered to a network or to any device with a microphone that can detect and decode an inaudible tone range.